What can you expect as a supplier from BMTS Technology?

Certainly not power games. Because, in the long term, no one comes out top when battles for prices and conditions are fierce. BMTS Technology always sees its suppliers as partners. Which does not mean, however, that we’ll always make it easy for you because our demands on quality, expertise, innovative ability as well as development and production skills are very important to us where long-term and successful collaborations are concerned.

Suppliers to BMTS Technology are therefore subject to careful selection that pursues the aim of developing partnerships over the long term. We are demanding, particularly where quality is concerned, because we operate within the framework of certified quality-management systems and pursue zero-defect strategies for our customers. That’s why we employ reliable and trustworthy supplier management with consistently high quality. We rely on systematic cost work.

Because a high proportion of our product costs is determined by supplied parts. It is our hope that we will be able to cooperate with you in how we respond to the market’s ever-increasing pressure on costs across the entire supply chain. We therefore do not only expect our suppliers to be reliable and flexible, we also expect them to also be competitive over the long term.

Our compliance guidelines oblige us at BMTS Technology to commit ourselves to work in a spirit of trust and to always respect law and order. This is something that we also expect from our suppliers and we further attach great importance to established management systems and certification. Are you prepared to assume high levels of responsibility? Great!

We closely involve our supply partners in our development and ongoing optimisation efforts. We reward above-average performances with the status of ‘preferred supplier’. This status puts you right up front with us – not only when it comes down to new orders. Our purchasing department operates worldwide. It no longer matters where suppliers are based.

Admittedly, our quality requirements are strict – but they’re the same everywhere. There’s an opportunity for whoever is able to fulfil them. Also in new procurement markets.

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