If you suspect serious or illegal misconduct or other potential wrongdoing has been taking place please use our multilingual whistleblower system which offers an anonymous and safe channel where any employee or third party can report concerns.

All reported incidents will be handled in an anonymous and professional manner without fear of retaliation for reporting. All reports are subject to careful and confidential investigation. If a reporter expresses a genuine suspicion, he/she will not be at risk of losing their job or suffer any form of sanctions or personal disadvantages as a result. We do not tolerate retaliation or retributions against people who submit reports. This also includes if the reporter is mistaken, providing he/she is acting in good faith.

Employees and third parties can report anonymously or by name to our system. The reports are automatically sent to our Compliance department who are the only ones who have access. All reports are investigated promptly, objectively and independently.