BMTS Technology develops new compressor wheels with s-shaped hub for better aerodynamics


Innovations are often a chain of small changes, which in themselves are not particularly spectacular. In their entirety, however, they form the foundation for every major innovation and are thus indispensable on the way to a convincing, high-performance product. At BMTS Technology, too, development usually consists of many detailed solutions, which only develop their full effect in their interaction.

One such detailed solution can be found in the inlet area of BMTS latest compressor wheels: Occasionally it is necessary to make the diameter of the nose area of the compressor wheel smaller than the area of the hub at the beginning of the blades. For this purpose, BMTS Technology has developed compressor wheels with an s-shaped hub, in which the hub section with the sharp transition edge to the nose is not only simply extended, but its shape is also aerodynamically optimized.

For this purpose, a cone with an opening angle of between 30° and 120° is inserted between the front hub part of the compressor wheel inlet and the cylindrical balancing part of the compressor wheel nose, which is strongly rounded at the transitions to the adjacent surfaces. Depending on the necessary difference in diameter between the surfaces to be joined, a tapered section can be left between the two fillets, or the two radii can merge directly. In this way, an advantageous aerodynamic flow can be achieved over a relatively short distance, further improving the performance of the BMTS turbochargers.

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