BMTS Technology won 2021 General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award


BMTS Technology plant in Shanghai plant won the 2021 General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award, which is a high recognition of the core competencies of BMTS in quality control, cost control and delivery.

This special award is given to top performing suppliers who have met or exceeded a very stringent set of quality performance criteria and have received the cross-functional support of the entire GM organization.

In the award statement, BMTS is highlighted as one of the crucial parts of the whole GM supply chain: “You are a critical part of the team who helps ensure our customers are delighted with their product purchase and we want to recognize and thank you for consistently providing quality parts day in and out to our assembly plants as we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times”.

BMTS has a long history of cooperation with GM. Back in 2008, shortly after BMTS was founded, the two sides agreed to jointly develop the new generation of turbocharging solutions. Three years later, General Motors nominated BMTS Shanghai plant for the first time and started product design, production and delivery. In the past several years, BMTS has taken thorough and effective measures to ensure the safe delivery of GM vehicles in the face of great external challenges caused by the COVID-19, rising raw material costs and high transportation prices. BMTS has cooperated closely with GM team. In 2021, it achieved an excellent result of zero PPM (Parts Per Million).

Dr. Richard Chen, BMTS’s Regional Leader Asia, expressed gratitude for this recognition: “We are very honored to get the 2021 General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award. Over the past year, we faced a lot of challenges and still achieved remarkable success. The award is sincere recognition of the bilateral cooperation in the past. We will work together to build high-quality partnerships. I also want to thank the GM team for their hard work, without whom this award would not have been possible.”  

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