BMTS Technology earns the Best Support Award from HYCET Engine of Great Wall Motors


BMTS Technology has been honored with the prestigious Best Support Award at the 2022 Annual Supplier Conference held by HYCET Technology Co., Ltd. (HYCET), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the renowned Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor. This recognition is a testament to BMTS’s unwavering commitment to investing in new products and technologies, maintaining high-quality standards, and demonstrating exceptional responsiveness.

BMTS’s dedication to delivering first-class product quality, comprehensive customer technical support, excellent project development and management capabilities, as well as high-quality delivery and after-sales service, has significantly contributed to Great Wall Motor’s production and commercial success, propelling them to new heights.

This recognition not only highlights our achievements thus far but also serves as a reminder of the incredible potential that lies ahead for our partnership. We remain committed to further collaboration, continuously pushing the boundaries of technology and achieving even greater milestones together.

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