“Germany’s innovation leader”: BMTS Technology receives award from the F.A.Z. Institute


The international automotive supplier BMTS Technology was awarded the title of “Germany’s innovation leader” in March 2019 by the F.A.Z. Institute. As part of the study, which was commissioned by the F.A.Z. Institute in cooperation with the IMWF Institute, the research company Prognos analyzed the worldwide patent applications of 33,000 German companies in the last ten years. BMTS Technology achieved a top position in the categories of “power and work machines” and “powered by hot gas or exhaust gas engines”. The study is based on data from the European Patent Office.

This award emphasizes the innovative power of BMTS Technology. Over the past decade, the turbocharger manufacturer, with operations in Europe, China and North America, has successfully registered more than 300 patent families. Current development topics are mainly the variable turbine FNT developed by BMTS, a 3D-bearing system for gasoline and diesel applications as well as the promising topic of e-turbochargers.

“Innovations do not come naturally. At the beginning there is always a good idea that has to prevail. This is hard work for our development team. That is why we feel honored and proud to be named “Germany’s innovation leader” by the F.A.Z. Institute”, said Jörg Jennes, Chief Technology Officer of BMTS. “Innovations mean future. That is what drives our employees every day: to make an essential contribution to the automotive world of the future and to best support our customers in achieving the ambitious CO2 and emission targets. “

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