BMTS Technology producing turbochargers for the automotive aftermarket


Stuttgart, March 13th, 2019 – The global automotive supplier, BMTS Technology, is now expanding it’s turbocharger offer for the aftermarket industry. BMTS is targeting key gasoline and diesel segments with a focus on passenger car, commercial vehicle, agricultural, industrial, and classic car loader applications. The aftermarket sales will be coordinated through specialized turbocharger distributors, who will meet the technical and performance expectations defined by BMTS and ensure comprehensive service with workshop-oriented information for installation, along with support through product catalogs, marketing materials, and a dedicated service hotline.

With this new offering by BMTS Technology, the automotive specialists, distributors, and dealers now have a new, reliable partner who has the expertise to supply through the proper channels. The aftermarket turbocharger offering will start in Europe and China and will be gradually expand to additional global markets.