BMTS Technology receives Automotive Innovation Technology Award 2020


BMTS Technology has been awarded the Automotive Innovation Technology Award 2020 for the innovative Fuel Cell Air Compressor. The award trophy was presented to BMTS team at 13th International Automotive Congress 2020 in Shanghai, China.  

The award-winning technology consists of an electrically driven compressor with an innovative 3D-bearing. As an experienced supplier of cutting-edge turbocharging technology, BMTS has thus succeeded in making the air compressor for fuel cell applications more reliable and cost-efficient.

Hydrogen is one of the clean energy sources and holds great potential to make transportation more environmentally friendly in the future. In fuel cell electric vehicles, there is only limited space available for the fuel cell stack and the associated components. Pre-compression of the supply air therefore plays an important role. It increases the efficiency and power density of the fuel cell, which enables downsizing of the stack. The electric air compressor is therefore an essential component in the fuel cell system.

For BMTS Technology, this award is a recognition of its continuous technological improvement and innovation. In the current transformation of the automotive industry, BMTS will always seize the opportunities, face the challenges and work with its partners in the automotive industry to jointly design sustainable mobility solutions.

13th International Automotive Congress 2020 in Shanghai was organized by Vogel Automotive Media Group, Institute of Automotive Engineering (ika), RWTH Aachen University, China National Automotive Industry International Corp. and Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.