BMTS impresses with powerful turbo technology in the premium segment


BMTS Technology is a leading global supplier of high-tech turbocharging solutions for fuel-efficient and low-emission powertrains in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. With the so-called Variable Turbine Geometry (Floating Nozzle Turbine, FNT®) for gasoline engines, the company has a core element in its portfolio to make turbochargers even more efficient and thus significantly reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of gasoline engines.

In the future, the outstanding BMTS turbocharger technology with gasoline FNT will also boost modern engines of an European premium OEM. This powerful mid-size gasoline engine is developed to meet the stricter Euro 7 emissions standards with a turbocharger operating even at exhaust gas temperatures above 1000°C. With this nomination, BMTS not only expands its customer portfolio, but also its gasoline FNT product range.

BMTS Technology sees this success as recognition of its constant striving for improvement and innovation. Especially in times when external factors, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, chip shortages and climate challenges, are putting a lot of pressure on companies in the automotive industry, it is important to focus on the own strengths and competitiveness. Consequently, BMTS Technology has started some time ago to adapt its structures to the increasing global competition. Thanks to these measures, the modern product portfolio and a good order book, the company sees itself well positioned to meet future challenges.

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