BMTS Technology boosts two award winning engines in China and wins 2021 Gold Award for Powertrain Components


Recently, the highly anticipated “Ten Best Engines of China 2021” were announced. The Leishen Hi-X engine DHE15 (1.5TD) of Geely and the Magic Core 1.5T engine of Baic Motor entered the list of Ten Best Engines of China. Both engines are equipped with a BMTS turbocharger. BMTS Technology itself received the 2021 Gold Award for Powertrain Components for its high-tech products, such as the turbocharger with gasoline FNT (Floating Nozzle Turbine), which make engines more efficient and lower in emissions.

All awards are a high recognition of BMTS’ technological innovation and further establishes BMTS’ leading position in the field of turbocharging.

About Auto Sports “Ten Best Engines of China”

The “Ten Best Engines of China” annual selection is created by Auto Sports since 2006. An expert jury committee and technical consultant committee are in charge of the judgments and technical consultation. In 2021, the “Ten Best Engines“ selection mainly scored the participating engines from five aspects: power performance indicators, technological advancement, market performance, energy saving & emission reduction, and on-site evaluation.

Images: Ten Best Engines of China 2021  & 2021 Gold Award for Powertrain Components Certificate

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