BMTS plant Novi Sad produced one milionth rotor

In December 2020, BMTS plant Novi Sad, Serbia, started the production of rotors and now, on the 22nd of September 2022, the one millionth rotor has already rolled of the production line. This is just eight years after our colleagues in Germany produced the first millionth rotor, and BMTS Technology is proud to celebrate this milestone in Serbia.

Colleagues from all departments gathered in the production area to congratulate the colleagues in production for this significant milestone.

Mr. Zivorad Belic, Plant Manager BMTS Novi Sad, expressed his gratitude to all dedicated and hard-working colleagues who were responsible for this achievement. Small gifts were distributed in appreciation. Mr. Belic also thanked all customers and suppliers for their excellent cooperation.

Our Novi Sad plant looks back with pride on what it has achieved so far.

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