BMTS Technology Jinan plant produces one-millionth turbo rotor


The one-millionth turbo rotor rolled off the assembly line at the BMTS Jinan plant on 24th of March, 2022. This is another milestone in the growth story of BMTS Technology Jinan. Since the founding of the production plant in 2019, the production speed at the BMTS Jinan site has reached an exponentially high growth rate.

Doctor Richard Chen, Global COO of BMTS Technology sent a congratulatory message to the colleagues. He expressed his gratitude to all employees for overcoming difficulties and was positive about the future: “BMTS Technology has made a fantastic development. For the new challenges in 2022, I believe that the Jinan Plant will get great breakthroughs in quality improvement and team building.”

At a celebration event on-site, the Plant Manager of Jinan Plant Wei Li said, “At this exciting moment, the production of the millionth turbine rotor, it is my great honor as the new manager of BMTS Jinan plant, to facilitate the transformation of this great plant from a beginner to a mature enterprise.  The one-million milestone is the success of past, but a challenge for the future. We will continue to do our utmost to optimize the technology and processing in this plant in order to create a state-of-the-art first-class factory in the sense of Industry 4.0.”

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